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We are elated to inform you that you have been accepted to join us for Les Muses Enchantees workshop July 8th-15th 2023. We are positive you will all be as enchanted and inspired by the romantic chateau and surroundings as we are. We ask that you take the next step and carefully go over the following details of this trip to make sure this Escape is a perfect fit for you and fill out the below form. We are very much about clarity and details here at Muses Escape, so buckle in and be sure to read it all the way through and feel free to ask any questions that may occur to you. Please remember to check your email for information on how and when to pay your non-refundable deposit. 

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The address for the chateau is Route de merlerault, 61390 Courtomer, France and

is a 2.5 hour car ride from Paris CDG airport. Is a two-and-a-half-hour drive west of Paris, or an hour and a half train ride from Montparnasse station to L’Aigle. L’Aigle is a 25-minute taxi drive from Courtomer. Muses Escape will arrange a Discord server in advance with other attendees so you can organize car and taxi shares if required and to meet each other virtually. Muses Escape will not be responsible for organizing or paying for any of your transit.


Absolutely NO sharing of the location of the estate or its adjacent properties or towns or the name Chateau de Courtomer on social media and/or publicly before, during, or after the retreat. This is for everyone's safety and security. Because the attendees, instructors, and staff’s safety are our number one concern- we cannot stress enough how important it is to NOT  disclose the specific location. Those that do so will not be invited back. We would love to see any photos you post of the trip and we'd love if you used the hashtags #musesescape #lesmusesencantees so that everyone can see each other’s work and experiences afterwards.


Though there is service and wifi available on the property, I agree that I am only allowed to use such services in the privacy of my own room. I further agree that my phone will be in airplane mode upon leaving my room and in all public spaces. Use of phones other than for photography/video will not be tolerated and I understand my phone will be confiscated and thrown into the moat with the leeches or placed into a hot air balloon…

never to be seen again.


All bedrooms shared or not have gorgeous, elegant, en-suite private baths. The farmhouse has shared baths. I understand that in sharing a room and bathroom, I must bring my towels and toiletries back to my bedroom and leave nothing in the bathrooms. I must, must, must, be respectful and clean up after myself and the facilities especially if I opt out of the housekeeping service.

There is housekeeping service for an extra fee of (10 eu per day), otherwise I must clean up after myself and be respectful of all shared spaces. Tips are not included so please remember to be generous and bring local currency for this purpose. 


All lunch and dinner will be served by the private chef and breakfast is self catering. You must immediately clean up after yourself after breakfast. You must let Muses Escape know at least two months ahead of time any dietary restrictions you have. No changes can be made after that time.


Please note: Alcohol is not included in the price and must be reserved and paid for in advance. You are also welcome to bring your own. We kindly ask that alcohol be consumed in moderation. Those that are irresponsible and overindulge will be placed into a hot air balloon and carried away. Only joking, but they will be asked to return to their room and not invited back to future events. No illegal substances will be tolerated.


All attendees must sign general release, liability release, and covid release waivers before the retreat. Those that do not submit signed forms will not be allowed to attend. COVID-19 tests will be required before attending the retreat. No refunds will be issued for any reasons. Please note that due to the changing nature of COVID-19, new precautions and requirements may be implemented that go along with government guidelines.

Which wokshops would you like to participate in?

Thank you for submitting.

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