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Key to the Atlas


Explore where we have mused in the past and may return.


Apply to attend our current retreats we have scheduled.


Cast your vote and help us choose where to go next.

The Muses Atlas is proud to host bi-yearly escapes to magical secret locations around the world. Each escape focuses on a different area of the creative arts and offers a new selection of curated classes and activities. Explore our past and future destinations below and apply to escape with us on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!
current retreats

Join us for a week of extraordinary exploration of the beauty, history, and crafts-womenship of Marrakech, Morroco.

Tucked away in a historic Riad on a quiet street in the Kasbah, we will journey together through the city on a week long adventure brimming with inspiration and sisterhood.

Following a different outline than our previous retreats, Muses in Marrakech will and explore the unique culture and beauty of Morroco. We will meet with local artisans, take inspiring workshops, reconvening each night in our Riad for a delicious meal to discuss our day together. 

Current Retreats

Come muse

with us on our next adventure.

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to Selkie Isle in 

JOIN US on a windswept island, cut off from the world. No wifi, no cell service, and no electricity after midnight-only endless time to create art and lifelong connections and friendships.

Stay in historical properties from the 18c century, including a haunted lighthouse and a manor house tucked gently into the hillside, alight with mystery and charm.

Muses of Selkie Isle
October 1-8th 2024
past retreats
Past Retreats
Old Notebooks029b_edited.png
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If you had to choose one...

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