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Muses  in the Highlands
March 3rd-10th, 2023
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In early March, 2020 eighteen women of all ages came together for a week of intensive writing and enchantment in the Scottish Highlands.

In March 2023 we returned with 21 visual and textiles artists to create for a week in our most beloved location.

The collective creative energy of unfettered femininity ignited inspiration like no other force.

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Head Instructor:

Erin K. Orr

Puppet maker and Storyteller



Muses in the Highlands is a visual arts retreat designed to inspire the imagination and focus creativity. Purposefully scheduled in the chilly month of March (daffodil season!), you’ll soon be cozied up in a chair, wrapped in tartan, sipping a scotch with pen and paper in hand-- or perhaps braving the glorious coastline for what is arguably the freshest sea air in the world, letting the romantic, windy coast inspire your visions to life.


The retreat features a series of classes led by world renowned instructors, as well as personal time for art making, conversation and adventures. Situated on a gothic coastline which boasts a medieval castle, an ancient abbey, and graveyard haunted by the ghost of the anglo-saxon warriors buried within.

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