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Immerse yourself in our fairytale.

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The Muses are experts in making dream worlds come to life. We curate, design, and produce local events and immersive installations, including tea parties and weddings.

We also host our own NYC-based immersive events throughout the year.

We prioritize clear communication and collaboration with our clients every step of the way. We understand that producing an event can be overwhelming, but with The Muses Atlas on your team, you can trust that everything will run smoothly and effortlessly with passion, expertise, and unparalleled production value to the table. Let us work our magic for your next event – you won't regret it.


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"The Muses’ events, both in person and from afar, are a decadent and detail-oriented space of learning and pure magic." 


Our clients have include the Whitney Museum of Art, the Morgan Library, New York Hot Jazz Festival, Salman Rushdie, David Salle, The National Arts Club, Prohibition Productions, Viacom, Shanghai Mermaid, and many more.


1. Immersive Installations

Our immersive installations are a feast of detail from start to finish.


Whether we are working on a small or large scale, worlds spring up in unexpected places: enchanted forests appear inside tiny rooms, past eras are brought to life with wit and whimsy, and you may just meet the White Rabbit on his way to and from Wonderland. 

2. Weddings  and  Private  Events

Let the Muses plan your next major event.

We offer all-inclusive packages that feature creative catering, photography, hidden locations, floristry, textiles, and table design.

Our Muses are especially well-versed in hosting marvelous tea parties of every sort... 


...from Victorian goth to roaring twenties, absurd surrealist to ethereal romantic, with or without cats, circus performers or live music, we bring a unique and authentic perspective to every event. 

3.  Production Design +
Art Direction

Collaborate with us on your next film, theatrical piece, or graphic design need.



We offer production design, art direction, and team-building to help you create and realize your ideas in film, theater, and beyond! From full scale video production capabilities to invite and web design let us help bring your vision to life.


Have another idea we can help with?

We'd love to meet you.

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