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Muses  from Afar

Early in 2020, in the face of worldwide lockdowns, anxiety, and uncertainty, we launched “Muses from Afar”: a series of remote exercises and lectures from world-renowned instructors in the creative arts. These were available free of charge via three platforms: a blog, Instagram stories, and Zoom workshops.

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 The goal was to nourish our souls and minds through an inspiring exchange, even in forced solitude and even when things did not seem as if they would ever be the same. Below are some of the incredible contributions made by Muses from around the world for projects that ranged from weaving to writing to photography, and hosted by instructor Ellen von Unwerth, Jennifer May Reiland, Rose Callahan, Elena Kanagy-Loux, Gwenda-lin Grewal, Syrie Moskowitz, and Eden Tijerina.

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