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Muses in Marrakech

Marrakesh, Morocco
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Join us for a week of extraordinary exploration of the beauty, history, and crafts-womenship of Marrakech, Morroco.

Tucked away in a historic Riad on a quiet street in the Kasbah, we will journey together through the city on a week long adventure brimming with inspiration and sisterhood.

Following a different outline than our previous retreats, Muses in Marrakech will and explore the unique culture and beauty of Morroco. We will meet with local artisans, take inspiring workshops, reconvening each night in our Riad for a delicious meal to discuss our day together and spend time travel journaling, readings poetry, and more.


5% of all proceeds will be donated to a non-profit in support

of helping earthquake victims.

On September 8th 2023, a powerful 6.8 earthquake struck Morocco, resulting in a devastating and heartbreaking loss of lives and homes across the region. As we have long been planning our retreat to Marrakech April 2023, we took serious pause to consider if we should move forward hosting our adventure. After speaking with the owners of the beautiful Riad we are staying in (which suffered no damage), as well as many artisans on the ground, we have been convinced that the right choice is to be part of the rehabilitation, bringing valued tourism and revived interest to the stunning capital of Marrakech.

Consider donating to help relief efforts:


Request a Brochure

For the safety and security, we request you fill out this form honestly to receive a brochure for the retreat. Thank you for helping us keep The Muses Atlas a safe, vibrant, and thriving community.


Please note: The Muses Atlas, formally know as Muses Escape, is open to all creative and aesthetic appreciating women and femme identifying folks. The Muses are a trans-inclusive collective and we stand in strong solidarity with our LGBTQ community. Please note we are not associated with any other person or account claiming to be affiliated with us. We will NEVER solicit you for money or make you pay for anything other than an event or retreat you decide to attend. If you have any questions about any emails requesting money or services from you that claim to be affiliated with either The Muses Atlas or Muses Escape, please contact us directly.


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