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October 1-8th, 2024

A textiles and photography retreat on a remote island of the coast of rural England.

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We invite you to join us in turning your own seaworthy myth into threads. It is no accident that maritime mythology and textiles are deeply intertwined. After all, the mythical Selkies are creatures that can change from seal to human form by shedding their skin, or even  making their own patchwork coat that turns into skin. 

Headlining Instructor:


Headlining Instructor:


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For the safety and security, we request you fill out this form honestly to receive a brochure to your email for the retreat. Thank you for helping us keep The Muses Atlas a safe, vibrant, and thriving community.


Please note: The Muses Atlas, formally know as Muses Escape, is open to all creative and aesthetic appreciating women and femme identifying folks. The Muses are a trans-inclusive collective and we stand in strong solidarity with our LGBTQ community. Please note we are not associated with any other person or account claiming to be affiliated with us. We will NEVER solicit you for money or make you pay for anything other than an event or retreat you decide to attend. If you have any questions about any emails requesting money or services from you that claim to be affiliated with either The Muses Atlas or Muses Escape, please contact us directly.




"Getting to know a place can be transformative, and as I started to acquaint myself with Selkie Island—walking its windswept cliffs, watching storm clouds roll in, and breathing in its crisp sea air—I could feel myself falling in love with it. Experiencing it alongside 30 kindred spirits, both as a participant and a photography workshop teacher, was nothing short of magical, fostering deep connections through shared artistic pursuits against the backdrop of a breathtaking and inspiring remote landscape. I won't soon forget the night photography session under the full moon with students or the serendipitous meetings along pathways that led to creative adventures."

"I love that I didn't have to attend every workshop: there is as much or as little structure as I want! So based on my mood or my desire to be around people (or not), I could change my days accordingly!  Also, as the little grocery store on the island was SUPER well stock and they even let you order items to your apartment ahead of time but it turned out to almost not be necessary as the pub made the yummiest food! Even for me, a vegetarian."

"I was a little nervous, to be honest, at the idea of a two hour ferry ride, as well as the lack of internet and electricity after hours, but honestly that turned out to be so unimportant.I quickly was able to immerse myself in island life, starting off each morning with an exploratory walk and spending the rest of the days learning so many new things with such fabulous people! Definitely will want to attend another retreat in the future."

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