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Upcoming Events


October 1st-8th, 2024​


A textiles and photography retreat on a

remote island of the coast of rural England.

Applications and brochure now open.

The Muses Atlas also known as Muses Escape, creates opportunities for our members across the globe to meet, collaborate with, and inspire one another. From our art-centric weeklong international retreats in beautiful and remote historical properties around the world to our NYC, Los Angeles, and London based bespoke events, The Muses Atlas combines its intimate group of renowned and idiosyncratic collaborators with a unique aesthetic to build immersive retreats and experiences that audiences can inhabit, enjoy, and most importantly, be inspired to create in, all while fostering authentic connections based on mutual respect and kindness. 


The Muses team organically brings together an impeccably curated and distinctive skill set in fine arts, set design, the sciences, cinema, and academia. Our artist retreats are specifically and carefully designed to create a space for women and femme-identifying folks to step away from their daily lives and find clarity and focus through artistic connection and collaboration. Our attendees come from all walks of life, age, and experience. We promote kindness and authentic connection above all else.We choose attendees based on a myriad of things, but most importantly curiosity, kindness, and the desire to create both art and meaningful connections. 



"Forget your ruby slippers. Attend a retreat with The Muses Atlas and you'll want to stay forever."


"I have attended two Muses Escape retreats and can say that they have been instrumental in my art practice.  I have had major breakthroughs in my professional practice by going on these magical, transportive experiences.  The women who attend the retreats weave a web of enchantment, a cocoon of creativity to safely play in that facilitates quantum growth in your artistic practice."


"Imagine to be surrounded by incredibly inspiring women all who share a taste for the romantic imagination while being transported in well crafted curated world in a historical landmark castle or chateau to spark ideas, connection, creativity, exposure to history and lectures about the smallest most beautifully loved details in photography, dance, film making and writing. Women sharing their process and inspiring eachother . I am so happy to have found this world as it really reminds me of one of the best parts of living — the true substance that’s fuels the artist which is Nurturing one’s own inner Muse with other Muses in true community. Swoon."



"Muses Enchantées was a soul-opening experience for me that led me back to myself in the best way possible; through connection and beauty. The Muses supplied the setting for Magic to happen, bringing the fantastical and impossible to our fingertips. Forever grateful for my new community, and the memories made."


"A trip filled with creativity and imagination, I came home inspired by my fellow muses and having made pals for life. I have so many fond memories of this trip, it has been one of my favourite adventures. I loved our days wandering through Italian towns and villages; and nights spent eating, drinking and laughing. I can’t wait to return on another future trip! "


"Resolute in finding secluded and unique locales, the Muses provide immersion into a world of the past, into a time of beauty enhanced by texture – hand written letters, luxurious gowns, and photos filled with mystique. The lectures and workshops probe the depths of human psyche to reach truest potential, sometimes at the stroke of midnight. If you are searching – yearning – for something akin to magic,

The Muses Atlas will not fail your desires."


"This trip changed my life in more ways than I can describe. Before, I didn't understand what people meant when they talked about "divine femininity," but I was totally surrounded by and immersed in it while on the retreat. I'm so fortunate to have gone and had the experiences I did, and made the friends that I have now. I will truly treasure this experience for the rest of my life."


"An invaluable, well designed experience exploring a destination I would not even have known about otherwise. They takes their time curating the group of women in such a way that the synergy you feel with other creatives is effortless and natural. It took me out of my bubble of photographers and had me face to face with dancers, singers, painters, and writers. None of which I would’ve met otherwise. Eternally grateful to the Muses."

"Meeting this gathering of female creatives, was such an inspiring and easy going experience,  unlike any event I have experienced. Even from afar, the attention to detail and the feeling that this is a magical group is clear! I will be, impatiently and excitedly, awaiting the next escape! "

 "I treasure the positive impact the escape has had on my creativity and also the friendships it’s given me. It’s hard to convey how much having these likeminded creative souls in my life continues to mean to me (even from afar in a pandemic). I look forward to the next escape and to meeting more amazing women."


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