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Muses  Escape

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1. Muses in the Highlands

March 3rd-10th 2023 

A visual arts retreat in the

Scottish Highlands


2. Les Muses Enchantees

July 8th- 15th 2023

A movement, dance, and film retreat in the French countryside. Currently wait-list only

3. Muses of Selkie Isle

October 2024

More information coming soon!

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Muses Escape is open to all creative and aesthetic appreciating women and femme identifying folks. The Muses are a trans-inclusive collective and we stand in strong solidarity with our LGBTQ community.



"Forget your ruby slippers. Attend a Muses Escape and you'll want to stay forever."

Molly,  based in New York


"A trip filled with creativity and imagination, I came home inspired by my fellow muses and having made pals for life. I have so many fond memories of this trip, it has been one of my favourite adventures. I loved our days wandering through Italian towns and villages; and nights spent eating, drinking and laughing. I can’t wait to return on another future trip! "


based in the UK


An invaluable, well designed experience exploring a destination I would not even have known about otherwise. The Muses Escape takes their time curating the group of women in such a way that the synergy you feel with other creatives is effortless and natural. It took me out of my bubble of photographers and had me face to face with dancers, singers, painters, and writers. None of which I would’ve met otherwise. Eternally grateful to Muses Escape. 

 "I treasure the positive impact the escape has had on my creativity and also the friendships it’s given me. It’s hard to convey how much having these likeminded creative souls in my life continues to mean to me (even from afar in a pandemic). I look forward to the next escape and to meeting more amazing women."


based in North Carolina


"Meeting this gathering of female creatives, was such an inspiring and easy going experience,  unlike any event I have experienced. Even from afar, the attention to detail and the feeling that this is a magical group is clear! I will be, impatiently and excitedly, awaiting the next escape! "


based in Washington


based in the UK


"Resolute in finding secluded and unique locales, the Muses provide immersion into a world of the past, into a time of beauty enhanced by texture – hand written letters, luxurious gowns, and photos filled with mystique. The lectures and workshops probe the depths of human psyche to reach truest potential, sometimes at the stroke of midnight. If you are searching – yearning – for something akin to magic,

Muses Escapes will not fail your desires."


based in Tennessee

photographs on this page taken by: 1 + 5: Syrie Mosokwitz 2. Eden Tijerina 3. Celina Odeh 4. Rose Callahan

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